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Mirror's Edge: Catalyst (PC / XBOXONE / PS4) Release: 06/07/16

Level Designer / Technical Scripter     



  • Creation and maintenance of Anchor District (game space), including all missions, social content, puzzle challenges, and collectible placement.

  • Responsible for scripting and level design of the first 2 hours of the game: including tutorials, UI implementation, VO, world geometry/flow, narrative, pacing, and optimization.

  • Implement scripting standards and teach them to the rest of the levels team.

  •  Assist tech scripting lead and fulfilled level optimization tasks.

The video below is a playthrough of one of the main missions I designed. The mission showcases a new move (180 degree walljump), a unique game space, extreme vertical movement, vertigo inducing heights, explosive climax and a thrilling descent.

The video below is a playthrough of the beginning of the tutorial I designed. The complete mission showcases basic and some advanced movement tutorialization, combat tutorialization, scripted narrative scenes, in-game UI, VO and animation scripting.

This is the release trailer for Mirror's Edge Catalyst.

Designing Choices

Designing Choices

The Anchor District is the posh shopping and recreational part of the city of Glass. Clean, reflective, polished, surfaces define the look, while more extreme combinations of moves and gadgets define the gameplay.

Unique Mission Spaces

Unique Mission Spaces

Creating spaces that push vertical space and create thrilling moments of vertigo. Parkour at 3000 feet.

Player Onboarding

Player Onboarding

Creating levels to teach basic skills. Repetition combined with weaving already taught skills prevents fatigue and promotes learning.

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